Are Evangelical Men Ready for Reconciliation? Blog Post and True Stories of Faith and Gender Tonight (19 Nov) at Contemporary Christianity

contemporarychristianityYesterday Contemporary Christianity published my contribution to their P.S. blog series, ‘Are Evangelical Men Ready for Reconciliation?’

The blog highlighted results from the Irish School of Ecumenics’ surveys of faith on the island of Ireland, which:

found that amongst all expressions of Christianity, evangelical men were the least likely to have a ‘high’ view of reconciliation.

It also raised the issue of the lack of women’s representation at the re-launch of ‘For God and His Glory Alone.’ At the conclusion of my post, the Board of Contemporary Christianity acknowledge:

We realise that in an event highlighting one of our core values (reconciliation) we inadvertently actually worked against another (inclusion). The fact that we did this inadvertently shows us the importance for us, as much as anyone else, of our current conversations on faith and gender.

Those conversations about faith and gender continue tonight at 7.30 pm with an event at Contemporary Christianity, 21 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, ‘True Stories of Faith and Gender.’ Contemporary Christianity describe it this way:

True short stories On Faith and Gender, followed by conversation. What is our present experience of gender for women and men in NI? How could healthy gender relations look? Can we imagine a new dynamic? What would this mean for men? What would this mean for women? What does God want for us? Following the opening of our exploration of gender perspectives with Fran Porter on 8th October, we are continuing the conversation together. This evening will consider short stories from the lives of a few local women and men, in addition to taking time together to wonder about gender. Come along and offer your listening and your sharing on this topic.

I think Contemporary Christianity is to be commended for taking these observations about faith and gender on board, and I anticipate that the stories tonight will further the conversation.

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