The 4 Corners Festival: Imagining Belfast Without Walls …

At the launch of the 4 Corners Festival on Friday, Chris Wilson performed a new song written for the festival, ‘Imagine Belfast Without Walls,’ based on a poem by Rev Steve Stockman, one of the founders of the festival. Given the ‘Building a Church Without Walls’ theme of this blog, the song resonated with me, […]

Is Reconciliation a Realistic Response to Sectarianism? New Post on Slugger O’Toole

I have a new post on the Slugger O’Toole blog: ‘Is Reconciliation a Realistic Response to Sectarianism? Thoughts on the Journey Towards Healing Seminar on Sectarianism.’ The seminar featured Jim Gibney of Sinn Fein, journalist Alex Kane, and Fr Gary Donegan of Holy Cross in North Belfast.

For One Week Only? Reflections on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity from the Dublin Council of Churches

“… this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity must be something more than coming together for moments of praise, only for us to return unchanged back to our various Christian communities. Let it not be, as it is for a film or a show, ‘for one week only’. …” These words were spoken earlier in […]

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Seeing the Face of God in all Men and Women

It’s the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18-25 January), and this year’s theme is ‘The Well is Deep.’ This year’s theme was provided by the churches from Brazil, as explained on the ‘Churches Together in Britain and Ireland’ website: This year’s theme comes to us from the churches of Brazil. Brazilians, who have traditionally […]

Journey Through Healing: Seminar on Sectarianism 22 January in Belfast

Journey Towards Healing has organised a seminar on ‘Sectarianism,’ set for 22 January from 7.oo-9.oo pm at the Balmoral Hotel (Blacks Road, Dunmurry) in Belfast. On the island of Ireland sectarianism is something that just ‘hasn’t gone away, you know,’ and remains an important — if too often unrecognised — problem at all levels of […]

4 Corners Festival (29 January-8 February) Aims to Inspire Generosity and Imagination – Launch with Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon on 23 January at Belfast City Hall

Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon will host the launch of the annual 4 Corners Festival on Friday 23 January at 11 am in the Mayor’s Parlour at Belfast City Hall. Now in its third year, the events of this year’s festival focus on the themes of generosity and imagination. The programme is wide-ranging, including art exhibitions […]

Between Africa and the West by Sahr John Yambasu – An African Minister Reflects on Life in Ireland: Book Review

Have you ever wondered how Ireland looks through the eyes of someone who has travelled thousands of miles and made their home on these shores? Rev Dr Sahr John Yambasu, a native of Sierra Leone who is now a minister in the Methodist Church in Ireland, offers some illuminating perspectives on such an experience in […]

Evangelical Journeys Reviewed in the Journal of Contemporary Religion

Previously I have shared reviews from academic journals of my book, co-authored with Claire Mitchell, Evangelical Journeys: Choice and Change in a Northern Irish Religious Subculture (UCD Press 2011). I have discovered another review, this one by Neil Southern, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Sheffield Hallam University, in the Journal of Contemporary Religion, 2013, V. […]

Guest Post by Irish Churches Peace Project’s Peter McDowell – Is Joint Worship Necessary for Reconciliation?

Today this blog features a guest post from Peter McDowell, a Good Relations Officer for the Irish Churches Peace Project.  McDowell is responding to a chapter I wrote titled, ‘Can Churches Contribute to Post-Violence Reconciliation and Reconstruction? Insights and Applications from Northern Ireland’ in a recent book edited by John Wolffe, Catholics, Protestants, and Muslims: Irish “Religious” […]

Fr Martin Magill’s Ecumenical Tithing: The Commissioning of Laura and Stephen Coulter

This week Fr Martin Magill attended the commissioning service for Laura and Stephen Coulter, who are embarking to Nepal as missionaries for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Laura will be working as a peace-building advisor to the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) and Stephen will be working as a mental health advisor to UMN. They […]