Ikonbelt: (Don’t) Be There, August 25

ikonbeltDespite my wanderings in the evangelical world, I’ve somehow managed never to attend Greenbelt, or take an Alpha Course. I am not quite sure how I have (unintentionally) avoided them.

But in my research on evangelicalism and the Emerging Church Movement (ECM), I’ve heard both discussed plenty of times, not least among people from Ikon. Ikon is a Belfast-based ‘collective’ often associated with the ECM (albeit usually by people from the outside looking in at Ikon).

I’ve discovered that Ikon’s appearances at Greenbelt seem to have reached almost mythical proportions among admirers and critics.

It seems like Ikon has a reputation for edginess at Greenbelt. I get a sense that organizers might be slightly nervous about what they will do or say.

Maybe that’s to be expected among a collective that gladly describes itself as ‘heretical,’ at least on occasion.

Last year’s performance, titled ‘Based on a True Story,’ got rave reviews on the official Greenbelt blog, and I also wrote extensively about it. Even so, up until very recently, it seemed that this year Greenbelt would be an Ikon-free zone.

But yesterday, in a blog post titled ‘Apparently We’re Omnipresent Now,’ Ikon announced:

Since we won’t be at Greenbelt this year, on 25th August we will be staging IKONBELT: our own creative arts festival, in Jonny’s garden in Belfast. We’ve got a great line up including Rachel Austen, Burning Codes, Glenn Patterson, and more. Sign up on Facebook.

We’re still a bit sad that we won’t be at Greenbelt though, so we thought we’d also appear at Greenbelt. If you’re going to be at Greenbelt, you can experience us not being there at midnight on Saturday 25th August in the InSense venue.

See you (or not) then!

So Midnight on August 25th will somehow, in some way, bring Ikonbelt and Greenbelt together.

Or will it drive them apart?

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