4 Corners Networking–Weekly Feature on Faith Activism: Fixers

little-redThis week’s featured organisation from the 4 Corners Networking events is Fixers.

In a week in which a Belfast Telegraph poll reported that two-thirds of young people see their future outside of Northern Ireland, the work of Fixers – which focuses on 16-25 year-olds, seems even more relevant.

The description of Fixers submitted to 4 Corners focuses on El Gruer’s Little Red Envelopes project. The organisation aims to empower young people to ‘make a difference’ in creative ways.

Last month, UTV profiled Fixer Seana O’Connor from Enniskillen, who overcame her low self-esteem by taking part in a beauty pageant. She is now encouraging other young people to come out of their shells and try new things.


Contacts: Roisin Mohan, roisin@fixers.org.uk  and Chris Pollock, chrispollock@fixers.org.uk

Fixers works with young people (16-25) who are seeking to make a positive difference in some shape or form to their society. We, with the help of funding from the Big Lottery, help them to produce media based resources which are aimed at positively impacting at least one person in a target audience identified by the young people themselves.

El Gruer, is one such young person. El is in the final stages of producing a poetry resource (a series of postcards) containing some unique artwork and one of her specially written poems which will be packaged in Little Red Envelopes and sent to recipients who she as identified as potentially benefiting from the reception of an unsolicited ‘pick me up.’

El is undertaking this project anonymously. Each envelope will be sent from the character Little Red in the hope that the impact of a ‘random act of kindness,’ coupled with the words of her poetry will have the desired, positive, effect on each recipient.

With all fixes, Fixers must present evidence to Big Lottery that it has been a success. Generally, this is done by having a tightly defined and specific target audience from which feedback can be gathered. (Three pieces of feedback are required before a fix can be ‘closed’) Given the nature of this fix, the recipients will be determined by current events. Politicians, Police Officers, Care Home residents or staff, School principals, Lollypop Ladies and so on could, in due course, be recipients of a Little Red Envelope.  However, in discussion with El she is keen to select a group of recipients from whom sufficient feedback could be gathered to allow for the Fix to be closed and for her to have as much freedom as possible when identifying further recipients.

You can watch another video about Fixers in Northern Ireland:

(Image by Patrick Sanders)

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