The Re-Emergence, and the Insurrection, Start Tonight …

The conference, ‘Re-Emergence: Christianity and the Event of God,’ begins tonight, 15 March 2010, at 8 p.m. in McHugh’s Bar in Belfast. Tonight’s event is also the launch of the ‘Insurrection’ tour. The conference runs until Thursday morning at the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin at Belfast. Organised by post-modern theologian and ‘insurrectionist’ […]

Fr Enda McDonagh: A 12-Step Recovery Programme for the Irish Catholic Church?

Fr Enda McDonagh, former professor of Moral Theology at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, has devised a 12-step recovery programme for the Irish Catholic Church. I’m not sure if some Catholics would be uncomfortable with what might be considered a comparison of the Irish Catholic Church with Alcoholics Anonymous. But these are desperate times for a […]

Abuse Scandals in the Irish Catholic Church: What do Young Catholics Think?

What do young Irish Catholics think about their church? There was a fleeting insight into this in today’s Education Supplement in the Irish Times. Brief interviews with four teenage students from Coláiste Cillian in Clondalkin, Dublin, covered a range of topics, including church and going to mass. Seventeen-year-old Clíona Ni Murchu, showing remarkable compassion for […]

Norman Hamilton, New Presbyterian Moderator: Relationships Matter

This morning’s BBC Radio Ulster edition of Sunday Sequence featured an interview with the newly elected moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Norman Hamilton. Hamilton had a fairly wide-ranging conversation with presenter William Crawley in the ten minute slot which started the programme. One of Hamilton’s more memorable lines was that ‘relationships matter,’ to […]

Samir Selmanovic Book Review: It’s Really All About God – Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian & The Re-Emergence Conference, Belfast

Samir Selmanovic is conducting a workshop at the upcoming ‘Re-Emergence: Christianity and the Event of God’ conference, set for March 16-18, 2010 in Belfast. If his recent book, It’s Really all about God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian (Jossey Bass, 2009) is anything to go by, Selmanovic will be looking to push the […]

Irish Catholic Parishioners to Pay for Abuse?

The Irish Catholic Church has counted the cost of its abuse scandals. And it is now it is prepared to ask its parishioners to pay for it. Yesterday the Bishop of Ferns Denis Brennan asked that parishioners – the everyday Catholics who have endured the scandal inflicted on their church by their leaders – to […]

Matthew Engelke Book Review: A Problem of Presence – Beyond Scripture in an African Church. What Do the Masowe Apostles and Post-Modern Christians have in Common?

What can Christians in the West learn from the Masowe Apostles? Much can be gleaned from a remarkably insightful book, Dr Matthew Engelke’s A Problem of Presence: Beyond Scripture in an African Church (University of California Press, 2007). Not long ago on this blog, I reviewed Dr Isabel Mukonyora’s book about the Masowe Apostles, an […]