Journeys of Faith on the island of Ireland: North & South: Talk in Lurgan 26 November

celtic-cross2On Wednesday 26 November I’ll be giving a talk at the Jethro Centre, Flush Place, Lurgan at 8 pm on ‘Journeys of Faith on the island of Ireland: North & South.’ The talk will combine aspects of research from two of my books: Evangelical Journeys: Choice and Change in a Northern Irish Religious Subculture, co-authored with Claire Mitchell (UCD Press 2011), and Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland (Oxford, forthcoming 2016).

The talk will be followed by discussion, tea, coffee and biscuits.

It will be my first time combining the insights from these different research projects in one talk. But I hope that the overarching theme of ‘understanding religious change’ will unite the presentation.

When I speak about Northern Irish evangelicalism, I will highlight the combinations of factors and patterns of experiences that contribute to change among individual evangelicals in a variety of directions: converting, deepening, remaining steady in their faith, moderating, transforming and leaving.

When I speak about post-Catholic Ireland, I will explore the practice of ‘extra-institutional religion.’ I will explain how it can be seen as a strategy people use to nurture their faith in a context of widespread religious change on the island of Ireland – particularly the decline of the Catholic Church.


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