Ikon at the MAC, 4 November

ikon at the macIf you missed Ikonbelt (or Greenbelt for that matter), you have a chance to enter into a perhaps similar (or completely different) experience at the next Ikon event, scheduled for this Sunday 4 November at 7.30 pm at the MAC in Belfast.

Ikon have not released many details about the event, simply advertising it with a Facebook page titled “Ikon at the MAC.” Its publicity flyers read, “Ikon is Back and it’s at the MAC.”

It’s the first Ikon at the MAC, Belfast’s newest theatre and arts venue. For me, this new location hints at a fruitful meeting between the arts and religion. While the MAC may not always be the most appropriate location for Ikon events, its position as a space for artistic expression fits well with Ikon’s description of itself on its website:

Inhabiting a space on the outer edges of religious life, we are a Belfast-based collective who offer anarchic experiments in transformance art. Challenging the distinction between theist and atheist, faith and no faith our main gathering employs a cocktail of live music, visual imagery, soundscapes, theatre, ritual and reflection in an attempt to open up the possibility of a theodramatic event.

Ikon’s (absent) performance at the 2012 Greenbelt was called “How (Not) to be Here.” It featured on-stage performances by Pádraig Ó Tuama and Shirley-Anne McMillan, as well as live transmissions from Belfast to the Greenbelt venue.

This latest declaration that Ikon is “back” may put to rest any questions about whether the collective is “defunct” (as raised previously on this blog), at least for now.

Indeed, the reputation of  Ikon’s transformance art and theodrama is such that it seems to be inspiring new forms. For example, one of Ikon’s founders has helped create an “Ikon NYC” dedicated to “transformance art and contemplative practices in New York City.”

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