Fr Martin Magill’s Ecumenical Tithing–St George’s Church of Ireland, Belfast

2STGEOThis weekend Fr Martin Magill journeyed to St George’s Church of Ireland in Belfast for early morning Eucharist, described below as a service profound in its simplicity. He also describes making connections with people there, with conversations ranging from the history of the building to finding common ground in Fr Magill’s own parish in North Belfast.

Fr Martin Magill’s Ecumenical Tithing – St George’s Church of Ireland, Belfast

Sunday morning I returned to worship with the congregation of St George’s Church of Ireland Church, High Street, Belfast.  This is a beautiful church in the centre of the city. I discovered from a parishioner it had been considered for closure at some point in its history owing to its state of disrepair. But owing to the careful and painstaking work done on it, it remains as one of the hidden treasures of the city.

The worship this weekend was Order 2 from the Book of Common Prayer and was conducted by Fr Odling-Smee. The service took place at 8.30am, and there was no singing and no sermon.  After the lighting of the third Advent Candle we followed the usual pattern for Order 2 of the Eucharist. 

I noticed again the words of institution over the bread corresponded to the chime of the bells of the Albert Clock striking 9am.

At Holy Communion time, I continued to pray for the day when all Christians would share the Eucharist together.

Afterwards, I chatted to a number of worshippers who  made it very clear to me they hoped I would return soon. One turned out to be living in the parish of Sacred Heart where I am presently ministering and who invited me to visit him in his own home.

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  1. Very good Fr Martin You are already building relationships and I hope to do something similar in my own bit of the road before Christmas I will let you know time and date

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