Fr Charlie Burrows on Love, Freedom and Evolution

burrows2Today Fr Charlie Burrows, an Irish priest with Oblate Mission Development based in Chilachap on Java’s southern coast, offers some reflections on the themes of Love, Freedom and Evolution.

Fr Burrows was featured in a 2011 Would you Believe documentary on RTE, and previously has contributed guest posts on this blog.

Fr Charlie Burrows on Love, Freedom and Evolution

The way I see it, God is creating the universe or maybe multiverse through the process of Evolution.

            At some stage God introduced the concept of unconditional Love to a “creature” or “creatures”. Love can only come about in “Freedom”. There can not be love without “Freedom”; hence God made man “Free”.
            So for God the possibility of Man responding to Gods love is primary and above all else.
            For Thomas Aquinas “Evil is the absence of a known good”. Evil happens when the “creature” “man” has not evolved from the animal in him and become “Human”.
            “Man is a rational animal” was one of the phrases we heard a lot in philosophy class. I would  say “Man is an animal capable of rationality” but often acts irrationally, the animal in him dominates.
            Because we are incapable of knowing and understanding infinite, unconditional love and loving all as they are, “God sent Jesus to give us a perfect example of infinite, unconditional love — to love us as we are. His word and spirit enables us to grasp this “in a glass darkly” and practice it, however imperfectly. This is through a process of Evolution.
            I saw on CNN that Bill Gates stated that we live in a world that has evolved and “now is a good time to be alive”, and with further evolution it will get better.
            I have seen 40 years of evolution here in Cilacap and thank God for it, and am happy he involves me in the process and I too “evolve”.
            Just some thoughts as everyone here is celebrating Idul Fitri and is a quiet time for us.

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