Doherty to Talk on Dan Cummings’ ‘Rest and Be Thankful’, 31 May

Rosemary Doherty, whose efforts insured that the excellent autobiography of her late uncle Fr Dan Cummings CSsR, was published in 2015, will be giving a talk about the book on Wednesday 31 May, 7.30 pm, in Clonard Monastery in Belfast. Cummings was part of the liberation forces at Belsen Concentration Camp. Two artefacts from the Camp (a statue and a painting) will be on view.

I previously reviewed the book on Slugger O’Toole, writing (in part):

The autobiography of a Redemptorist missionary might not be at the top of everyone’s reading list, but a new book by the late Fr Daniel Cummings should appeal to a much broader audience than might be expected.

Rest and be Thankful: Autobiography of a Belfast Missionary – Daniel Cummings C.Ss.R, was published this year [2015] and launched at Clonard Monastery in July.

The book chronicles the varied and fascinating childhood and religious career of Fr Cummings (1907-1977). It includes descriptions of his childhood in a troubled Belfast, his ministry at Clonard Monastery, the Philippines, and his work army chaplain in continental Europe during World War II.

Along with Fr Gerard Reynolds (uncle of the current [2017, now deceased] Fr Gerry Reynolds at Clonard) Cummings also pioneered Clonard’s first ‘ecumenical’ work – the ‘Missions for non-Catholics’, in 1948.

Cummings was prompted to write his memoirs by his young niece, finishing them in 1970. He did not want them published till after his death. His niece, Rosemary Doherty, was responsible for their publication this year.

I recommend the book wholeheartedly.

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