Can the Churches Provide a Vision for Peace? New Post on Slugger O’Toole

john-brewer-216x400I have a new post on the Slugger O’Toole blog: Can Churches Provide a Vision? John Brewer on Religion, Conflict and Peace in Northern Ireland.

It features highlights from Brewer’s talk last night at Féile an Phobail.

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  1. Dear Gladys,
    I thought you might be interested in an experience we had here. Last week as I was sitting in the front office, reading the daily newspaper, a young women pushed a letter under the front door. I read the letter and it explained that the author had been in Catholic Kindergarten School, Catholic Primary School and Catholic Junior and Senior High School and somewhere along the way asked to become a Catholic and was baptized. However after leaving school she met a young Islam man, fell in love and married him. However Indonesian law does not recognize mixed marriage. The couple must decide to become one religion. When the men are Islam that means the Catholic prospective wife becomes an Islam and this is what she did and now she worships as a Muslim.
    However at the moment the family were having financial difficulties and she had been looking for employment to supplement family income but she was unsuccessful. However she believed if Romo (Father) and the Catholic Community Prayed she would get a job – God would hear and grant the prayer of Father and the Catholic Community and she asked we pray for her.
    At the following morning mass we made her intention known. The reading was the Canaanite woman asking Jesus to cure her sick daughter and getting the rather rude reply that it was not right to give the “food” of the Israelites to dogs”. As she persisted that the dogs ate the scraps that feel from the table and her humility and persistence got her her wish – the cure of her daughter.
    On the Saturday and Sunday Eucharistic celebrations we also read out her mass intention and hopefully God will come good with a job!!!.
    We are busy with the Islam “Idul Fitri” celebrations – part of which is visiting friends etc. and asking forgiveness for any hurts that may have occurred over the previous year.
    If only all had the attitude of the Islam lady who wrote the letter we would be safe from “ a clash of Civilizations”.
    Many thanks

    Charlie Burrows, O.M.I.

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