4 Corners Networking — Weekly Feature on Faith Activism: The Loom

artsThis week’s featured organisation from the 4 Corners Networking events is the Loom in North Belfast. The contribution was written by Marda Stothers, who with her husband Ward had been working in the Loom.

Shortly after the 4 Corners Networking Event in 2014, the Stothers moved back to Berkeley, but the Loom continues with resident author Jon Kennedy. The Stothers will work remotely and return for special projects.

The Loom

Contact: Marda Stothers, mqstothers@yahoo.com

My husband and I have lived in North Belfast working and living in the mid Shankill Road community.  We are pensioned faith based volunteers from the United States.  We do church and community relationship building. Ward is a poet and intends to soon publish a book of poems and prayers.  I am a retired government project manager and I network people and projects into a strong tapestry.

We have been in North Belfast for nearly six years and we have been joined by an American colleague, Jon Kennedy, a journalist who has written about CS Lewis and who follows the Christian Orthodox Church, a neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant church.  As the Loom we pray and build relationships so that the vision of Christian unity may encourage the world.

We are ordinary people whom God has equipped to bring good news and hope.  We are grateful to the people of Northern Ireland who have welcomed us.

(Image from the 4 Corners Networking event by Patrick Sanders)

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  1. Excellent write up about this important work the Stothers and Jon Kennedy have been doing there in Belfast. We appreciated their warm hospitality and insights when we visited them from the States 2 years ago. Thank you!

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