14 Days–Screening Tonight at Fitzroy Presbyterian

frreid_thumbOne of the most powerful documentaries about the Troubles, 14 Days, will be screened tonight at 7.30 at Fitzroy Presbyterian Church in Belfast.

The film traces a series of events in March 1988, beginning with the killing of the Gibraltar Three, moving to loyalist Michael Stone’s attack on their funeral, and culminating with the killings of two plain-clothed British soldiers after they drove into a funeral cortege in West Belfast.

It foregrounds the  role of Fr Alec Reid of Clonard Monastery not only as a behind-the-scenes peace intermediary, but also as a compassionate human being who defied the mob violence of the attack on the British soldiers by giving them the last rites.

Fitzroy’s publicity about the event puts it this way:

The Clonard/Fitzroy Fellowship are delighted to be showing the BBC Documentary about those violent 14 days in Belfast, March 1988… and the amazing interuption of God’s grace through Fr Alec Reid…

I wrote a review of the film earlier this year when it was shown on the BBC.

It is expected that some of the filmmakers and other figures like Fr Gerry Reynolds and Rev Ken Newell, formerly of Fitzroy, who feature in the documentary will be on-hand for the discussion afterwards.

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