Peter Rollins’ Holy Ghosts Festival in Belfast – Fringe Events 28-30 April

holyghostspeteIt is less than a week till Peter Rollins’ Holy Ghosts event (28-30 April) starts in Belfast. Billed as a ‘boutique arts and theo-poetic event,’ the full programme includes day and evening events (click here for further information, including how to register).

Rollins’ website describes the event this way:

So what’s the big idea?

It was Charles Dickens who, in A Christmas Carol, showed us how ghosts appear during those times when we’ve become entombed in our own world and cut off from others.

These poltergeists are no respecters of our inner world.

They push things around.

Disturbing our carefully constructed convictions and disrupting our daily routines.

Whether they be the ghosts of those we have loved and lost or the spectres of inner doubt and unknowing, we are all haunted houses, yet most of us are afraid of meeting the uninvited apparitions that drift quietly through the corridors of our mind.

Fringe passes will be available for those wishing to attend only the evening events, including a three-night pass for £18 or single tickets for individual events.

I’m speaking on Wednesday on ‘The questions that Haunt Emerging Christianity,’ at 7 pm in Aether and Echo.

Advance copies of my forthcoming book, co-authored with Gerardo Marti, The Deconstructed Church: Understanding Emerging Christianity, will be available for a discounted price of £15. (The list price is £22 and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon for its official release in May.)

The full evening programme is as follows:

– John Kyle Interview with Susan Mcewen : Wrestling with the Spectres of Our Past (£3), 6.30 pm, the Harp Bar

Afterwards we’ll be popping across to The Black Box for an evening of storytelling with 10×9 (10X9 is a free storytelling event)


Pádraig Ó Tuama – Haunted by God (£3), 7 pm, venue TBC
The Good Man film with Director Phil Harrison (only available with fringe pass), 8.30 pm in the Hudson

– Gladys Ganiel – The Questions that Haunt Emerging Christianity (£3), 7 pm, Aether and Echo.
– Duke Special with John Hardt Music (£10), 9 pm, the Sunflower

A pass for all three evenings is £18

A dedicated Holy Ghosts Fringe Pass Facebook page has more details about each event.

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