Ministering in the Troubles Panel Discussion – 18 May in Fitzroy, Belfast

The Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland has organised a special event on ‘Ministering in the Troubles’ on Thursday 18 May at 8 pm in Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, University Street, Belfast.

It will feature a panel discussion and question time with ministers Dr John Dunlop, Dr Ken Newell, Dr Godfrey Brown, Dr Lesley Carroll, and author and playwright, Philip Orr. It will be chaired by BBC broadcast journalist Will Leitch. The event is free and refreshments will be provided.

The Presbyterian Historical Society describes the rationale behind the event this way:

[The event] has been inspired by the fact that Church people of many traditions have played crucial, and sometimes dangerous roles in trying to promote peace and bring an end to violence during the Troubles, and in the years since.

Many of these people are no longer with us, and their stories are in danger of being lost.  As the body responsible for conserving and promoting Presbyterian history we have invited a few Presbyterians to share their stories as they are interviewed by Will Leitch of the BBC.   It is hoped that others will be in the audience and may also be able to contribute to the discussion.

… We are hoping for a fascinating evening as we reflect on the stories they have to tell, and see what lessons may be drawn for our own times.


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