2 thoughts on “How Evangelical Religion Contributed to Peace in N Ireland – New Post on LSE’s Religion Blog”

  1. There is something of truth in what you say but the larger fact is the ecumenical community have been poles apart and seldom agree on anything as you will have witnessed perhaps over a decade or more of Presbyterian Assemblies and the turn over of their Moderator as befits their doctrine. The Church of Ireland are the little brother of The Church of England and their dogma is Sovereign based not individual or indeed inclusive. The evangelical communities have had some very strange people within their fold and have a less than public ‘political’ standpoint. Derek Bingham was amongst those of the non conforming Church leaders (Crescent Church as you probably know) along with other inclusive Ministries. The Evangelical Ministries are not in the least inclusive and do not converse at a level of significance with any other group. The Theological College is now run by a doctrinal Ministef also who detests the fact Women are allowed to become Ministers yet you will come across in the CoI for instance Lady Ministersand under the surface some in same sex relationships. There is a lot of work yet to be done. Rev. Chris Hudson, Former moderator of the Presbyterians. Rev. Dunlop (he virtually has become non-subscribing!) and Lord Alderdice regularybacross Ireland hold group meetings to discuss the differences between ALL faiths – one took place a few months back maybe three at Glenstal Abbey with they and theCatholic Church involved. It is this which leads to progress and it is growing.

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