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How did Presbyterians Respond to the Troubles? Apply for a 6-Month Post-Doc Post with the Presbyterian Church (based at Queen’s) and me

I am really excited to be the principal researcher on a new project, ‘Reconciliation through Dealing with the Past: Learning from Presbyterian Responses to the Troubles.’ We are now advertising for a post-doctoral research fellow to assist with interviewing around 100 Presbyterians, who will tell their stories about their experiences of the Troubles. Interviews will […]

Religion in Northern Ireland and the Elections: Commentary in ‘Dagen’, Sweden

I was interviewed by the Swedish newspaper ‘Dagen’ (which translates as ‘Day’) on religion and current issues in Northern Ireland, including the recent elections and the Brexit vote. The story was published with the headline, ‘Spänningarna ökar i Nordirland – återigen’, or: ‘Tensions are increasing in Northern Ireland – Again.’ The full story is of […]

Northern Ireland: My Entry in The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism

I have written the entry for Northern Ireland in the new Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism (John Wiley and Sons Inc), edited by John Stone (Boston University), Rutledge Dennis (George Mason University), Polly Rizova (Willamette University), Anthony Smith (London School of Economics), and Xiaoshuo Hou (St. Lawrence University). The short entry includes a brief […]

Captured by a Vision at the 4 Corners Festival – New Post on Slugger O’Toole

I have a new post on the Slugger O’Toole blog, ‘Captured by a Vision at the 4 Corners Festival,’ based on the Rev Ken Newell’s reading from his memoirs. 

Dramatizing 1916 – Halfway House by Philip Orr Now Running

A new play exploring the legacy of 1916, Halfway House, is now running in venues across Northern Ireland (18-26 January). Admission is free or a recommended donation of just £5 in all venues. The play is the latest by Philip Orr, and is a project of Contemporary Christianity. Set in 1966 in the context of the 50th anniversary […]

Religion in Scotland Conference in Belfast, 28-29 May

The Scottish Religious Cultures Network will host a conference in Belfast on ‘Religion in Scotland: At Home and Abroad,’ 28-29 May at Queen’s University. The conference features a range of keynote addresses and panels by academics from a variety of fields. Unlike many academic conferences, it is free and open to the public. Locals may […]