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Understanding ‘No Religion’ – New Video on Vakuum via Peter Jost

You can watch a video of my talk, The Apocalypse for Religion: Understanding People who identify as ‘No Religion’, which I gave last week at Wake, an annual boutique festival in Belfast curated by Peter Rollins. The video title is The Nonreligious, Emerging Church and the Institutional Church. The video was produced by Peter Jost,  a theologian and church […]

The Apocalypse for Religion – at Peter Rollins’ Wake Festival

Today I had the privilege of participating in Wake, an annual boutique festival in Belfast, which is curated by Peter Rollins. It’s always a treat to catch up on Pete’s latest work, and to meet the people who come from afar to experience Belfast and explore ideas together. While the residential festival is full, there […]

‘A treasure trove of inspirational stories’ – Religion’s contribution to public debate?

My latest book, Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland, is an academic publication. But I always write with the hope that my research can have some sort of value in the ‘real world.’ So I am delighted that Fr Gerry O’Hanlon SJ cites Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland in his chapter in the recent book, A Dialogue of Hope: Critical […]

How Religion Still Matters in a Post-Catholic Ireland – Text of Keynote

Last week I had the opportunity to give a keynote address at a conference on ‘Irish Catholicism on Trial,’ a multidisciplinary event at the Institute of Technology, Tallaght. The title of my lecture was ‘Understanding Post-Catholic Ireland: Does Religion Still Matter?’ The talk drew on my most recent book, Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland. You can read the full text […]

Reading Religion Review of Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland: ‘action research at its best’

My latest book, Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland: Religious Practice in Late Modernity, has been reviewed on the new Reading Religion website, a publication of the American Academy of Religion. The review is written by Amy Heath-Carpentier, a graduate student at California Institute of Integral Studies & Assistant Director, Washington University in St. Louis. Excerpts are reproduced below:  Much has […]

“Essential reading for anyone involved in Christian Church leadership in Ireland in 2016”: Steve Stockman Reviews Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland

Rev Steve Stockman, the minister at Fitzroy Presbyterian Church in Belfast, has reviewed my latest book, Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland: Religious Practice in Late Modernity.  Writing on his blog Soul Surmise, he says: For 20 years I have watched, and wrestled pastorally and missionally with what I have seen, as the spiritual landscape of Ireland changed out […]

Grace Davie – Religion in Britain: A Persistent Paradox, Book Review

Grace Davie’s 1994 book, Religion in Britain since 1994: Believing without Belonging, has become a classic in the sociology of religion and its memorable subtitle has even filtered into the popular consciousness. I’ve heard clerics and Christian activists use the term ‘believing without belonging’ to describe the dynamic where church attendance has declined, but people […]

Catherwood Lecture: Jenny Taylor on Religious Literacy and Post-Multicultural Possibilities

Dr Jenny Taylor spoke on ‘When Words Fail: Religious Literacy and Post-Multicultural Possibilities’ at Contemporary Christianity’s annual Catherwood Lecture in Public Theology on Thursday evening. Will Leitch of the BBC and I were respondents to Taylor’s lecture. You can read my full remarks here. Taylor is a cultural analyst, journalist, author and founder of Lapido Media, a […]

Peter Rollins: God is Undead – Lecture Review & Start of Fringe Festival Tonight with John Caputo

Are we haunted by a god(s) we don’t believe in? That was one of the fundamental questions raised by Peter Rollins in a lecture on Sunday afternoon, ‘God is Undead: The Religion of New Atheism,’ in the Seedhead Arts’ Faculty Lecture series in the Black Box in Belfast. Rollins is probably best known around these […]

Peter Rollins in Belfast, 12-17 April: God is Undead Lecture & Tricks of the Light Fringe Pass

Peter Rollins, the Belfast-born philosopher and popular conversation partner in the international Emerging Church Movement, will be in his home city next week with a series of events that are open to the general public. Yesterday, I reviewed his latest book on this blog: The Divine Magician. The events Rollins has planned will doubtless pick […]