Interview about the Emerging Church on the Religious Studies Podcast

emergent-church-muppetsAn interview with me about the emerging church movement has been published in the Religious Studies Project’s podcast series. The interview draws heavily on the research Gerardo Marti and I conducted for our recent book, The Deconstructed Church: Understanding Emerging Christianity (Oxford, 2014).

The interview was conducted by Christopher Cotter and explores questions such as:

What is it that makes this movement ‘Christian’? What does it do to traditional understandings of ‘religion’ and ‘secularization’? How does one research such a seemingly diffuse and unbounded phenomenon? Is it only a matter of time before this movement undergoes a process of systematization?

The Religious Studies Project will post responses to the interview soon.

The image of the Emergent Church Muppets accompanies the podcast on the Religious Studies Project site.

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